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PT Duta Listrik Graha Prima
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Elektric leakage Circuit Breaker (ELCB)

ELCB is a tool to cut off power when the contact between the flow of positive and negative currents in the grounding installation listrik.Dan is even more important ELCB can decide when the flow of electricity between the electrical contact and body manusia.perlu we know that electricity is very important perannnya in life-hari.Tapi we must also mewasdai flow listrik.Efek danger of electric shock from the very bervareasi of physical and psychological disability to bring the victim jiwa.Telah many cases that occurred in the death of someone we karna tersengat flow listrik.Mungkin ELCB we ought to take into account the security level in our house, both for the safety of our families as well as electric shock to the installation of electricity in our house.
How ELCB when contact occurs between the electricity and the human body, then the current will flow through the human body grounding to the earth or the difference will be a total flow through the ELCB so the device will trigger the flow of electricity immediately.
Things that need to look at in the ELCB.
Make sure that electrical installation in good condition, meaning samua connection must be a closed meeting with the insulation and make sure pengabelan positive or negatip do not bersetuhan with grounding or walls and anything related to the earth or grounding because although the current negative / neutral brush with the wall and the like associated with the ELCB earth then decide akan flow immediately.
Make sure all household equipment such as water pump, refrigerator lights and other conditions as in good or normal, if there karna tool that is not in good condition / less normal ELCB can also trigger the flow.

ELCB (Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker)

Electricity for the modern home are, in general, MCB (mini circuit breaker). Security is only to provide protection against fire hazard due to the burden or more short relationship. MCB can not provide protection against electric shock is experienced by someone, because the current that flows through the body is relatively small compared with the current rating on the MCB. MCB is necessary so that diperlengkapi ability to cut off seepage flow occurs when flow to the ground because there are people who tersengat electricity. ELCB is the MCB has been equipped with a series of leak detection flow is able to prevent the danger due to electric shock to someone. This tool works by detecting whether there are differences in the flow of electricity flowing on the wire.

How ELCB works?

Generally, when the normal electrical work, the total cash flow on the wire "plus" and "neutral" is the same, so there is no difference in flow. But when someone tersengat electricity, wire "plus" will be an additional stream flow through the body of the tersengat to the ground.

Illustration above illustrates that the wire on the "plus" or "phase" will be additional cash flow of ΔI when there is someone who tersengat electricity. If ELCB installed, the additional flow is detected by a series of special. When you have the extra cash flow means that there is a difference between the flow wire "plus" and "neutral." Differences of 30 mA is sufficient to activate the relay to cut off MCB. Thus the ELCB can protect people from danger tersengat electricity.

How do I install ELCB?

The simple principle of the ELCB, ELCB ie the insert between the electrical power source. Both the wire "plus" or "neutral" miss the point reached before ELCB protected.

If the MCB wire only "plus" are both missed the ELCB.

There are several configurations of the ELCB can be done, ie:

1. ELCB protection installation for the flow of electricity to stop contact, because the cases are usually experienced tersengat electricity through the electrical ditancapkan to stop contact. This is easy to do for a house that is still built as perkabelan still can be done easily. However, to have a home network so usually stop made contact with some part of lamp. This is quite difficult but can be an alternative search ELCB value at least equivalent to the MCB branch where there is contact to which you want to stop protected. Then the cable to stop the contact be both missed and to the ELCB to stop before contact. ELCB can be put in the room, eg room a small child, give in the box and put the place that is not affordable to children.
Installation is recommended for new home

Installation of an alternative home for the existing electricity network

If more than one contact to which you want to stop or network protected cord ignites with the light switch. But protection is suggested to be a network cable for 1 room. Search cable networking electrical room that leads to the MCB, ELCB paste on the cable between the MCB and room.

1. ELCB protection for the installation of electrical household. For this configuration the installation is quite simple. ELCB rating is selected on the same meter with MCB PLN, or slightly larger. ELCB inserted between PLN with the meter box divider MCB distribution. This is the most simple and practical, but the risk of disruption due to leak currents greater. As already known ELCB work flow based on the difference between the wire "plus" wire and "neutral." In the home electrical network can be the leakage occurred due to people not of power but tersengat of the connection cable in the roof that is exposed to rain water droplets, or animal or a dead rat on the roof tersengat, or wire "plus" that isolasinya exfoliate. Leakage currents cause ELCB akan this trip so often with the comfort. However, this condition can also be used as an indicator that the network cable is disrupted, ie, due to the possibilities mentioned above. When things happen like this should be done thoroughly checking the parts cable network. While the damage has not solved the ELCB must be in "by pass" in order not to disturb the comfortable. But also need to be if only the ELCB trip often, when the MCB was also the trip is not possible because the flow of water but the burden of going korslet or more.
Protection for 1 house

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